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Oct 31, 2023

A few weeks ago, Malky and Jonty travelled to London to take part in a large (though it turns out not the largest) march to protest the continued Israeli bombing of civilians in Gaza and the ongoing ethnic cleansing of Palestine through Occupation and settlements.



It was peaceful. It wass diverse. It included Jewish groups, Christians, trade unions, trans people, queer people, liberals, socialists and a whole bunch more. It was  pretty damn wholesome. 

Laura was there in spirit.

Since then, Suella Braverman has called these peaceful demonstrations 'hate-marches' and said that wishing for Palestine to be free is anti-Semitic. It isn't and they weren't. 

Anti-Semitism is an evil we actively oppose. As is Apartheid. As is genocide.

So we and a hundred thousand other people marched. And the next week, hundreds of thousands marched. Our government has been weak in its response (except in condemnations of and threats to protesters, which were energetic), and the 'Opposition' as right-wing and uninterested in human rights as we have come to expect. 

This episode is just a discussion of what it was like at the march (with a little recording of us while we were there) and what the reactions, good and bad, have been. We also hear a little from a Palestinian friend of the show.  

We're all very tired (for reasons explained in the audio) but we cover some important ground in this shorter than usual episode. We hope you like it. 

You can listen to our episode with our friend Ehab here

Please pray for:

  • A ceasefire and end to the military attack on a civilian population
  • Protection for those still alive in Gaza
  • The safe release of Israeli and international hostages
  • All those who mourn
  • Justice for Palestinians in Israel, Palestine and the OPT
  • An end to the evil of Anti-Semitism
  • An end to the evil of Islamophobia
  • An end to Apartheid, racism and oppression
  • The doctors and aid workers trying to help a brutalised population
  • Softening of hearts in Israel, the West and among all those tempted to hate
  • Individuals and groups showing courage to speak out when government and media seem to be against them
  • Jewish communities to feel safe
  • Arab communities to feel safe
  • Europe, the UK and USA to find moral courage to stop the violence
  • The Church to awaken to justice in this issue and repent of our complicity in oppression
  • For God to have mercy on the weak


Free Palestine. 



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