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Mar 22, 2024

Is evil structural, spiritual, or a bit of both?

Justin Butcher the Devil's passion

Do acts of selfishness or sin have cascading effects that reverberate through history? Can we shine a light on contemporary Western politics by imagining how our politicians would react to a figure like Jesus and the movement he inspired?

All these questions and more...

Feb 19, 2024

Do you feel like you belong at your church? Have you found your people? Do you feel at home?


Beer Christianity church belonging

In this episode we explore how much dogma, belief, diversity, relatability and stage of life determine whether we feel 'at home' in church. 

Along the way we ask what makes a really good home group (spoiler: it may be Jonty...

Feb 8, 2024

Is the essence of Christianity basically Judaism through a Zen lens? Can we understand some great artists and theologians better if we assume performative masculinity? Is there really a crack in everything? Is it where the light gets in? 

Beer Christianity Leonard Cohen

In Episode 92 of Beer Christianity we answer these and other important questions...

Jan 12, 2024

AI is going to save the world. Or kill us all. Or another, secret, third thing.

Jean-Louis Ecochard of Nethope on Beer Christianity

Trying to find a pattern of truth within all the cultural noise about Artificial Intelligence is pretty hard right now, so we turned to someone who has been working on and with AI since the 1980s.

Jean-Louis Ecochard has been in on the...

Dec 22, 2023

Socialism means 'bad', right?  That's what many of our churches assume. Whenever anyone suggests Socialism as an option, many Christians have a set of anti-Socialist questions locked and loaded, ready to fire. We decided to put some of them to an expert.

Christian Socialism on Beer Christianity

To us, Socialism is really just a system of making sure nobody is...