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Sep 23, 2022

Symon Hill Symon Hill made headlines when he was arrested for shouting: 'Who elected him?' during the proclamation of Charles Windsor as King in Oxford.

Symon is a Christian, historian and peace activist and he is our guest for episode 70. Symon shares his surprise at being arrested, his concerns over free speech and democracy in...

Sep 18, 2022

Beer Christianity the QueenTW: Monarchists and marmalade sandwich enthusiasts are probably not going to enjoy this episode.

Queen Elizabeth II has died and Beer Christianity has great sympathy for her family, some sympathy for strangers who loved her and very little sympathy for those cynically emulating or prescriptively enforcing mourning.


Sep 5, 2022

Beer Christianity recording at GreenbeltWhat are the five stages of the spiritual life (as identified by Brian McLaren)? Do we dilute the Gospel by starting with the bad news? And have you ever peed on a frog?

These important questions all come up in this, our second episode from Greenbelt festival 2022.

Greenbelt was wonderful this year. You should go to the...

Sep 2, 2022

A festival review is only a sort of festival, as Graham Greene sort of said. Everyone's experience of Greenbelt, in particular, will be different.

This episode shares our thoughts about the best parts we experienced of Britain's best and most inclusive festival, but we'd love to hear what your highlights were. So please...