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Aug 19, 2022

Is Greenbelt festival a guilty pleasure for evangelicals, a Church without the hassle of 365day pastoral care or a breaking through of the kingdom of God?

Paul Northup Greenbelt festival Beer Christianity

We talk to Paul Northup, Creative Director (aka Big Dog) of Britain’s best festival about the inclusion of Richard Dawkins at a Christian festival, what inclusion means and what makes Greenbelt a special space for so many people.

Paul takes time out of his busiest and most stressful time of year to talk to the Beer Christianity Crew about how Greenbelt has changed over the years, the challenges of creating a safe and yet challenging space and the difficulties of putting on a festival that does something fundamentally different from other Christian, art or justice events.

We also talk about his time as a rock star (a term he laughingly rejects) and the VERY surprising speaker Greenbelt get pressured to invite (you will be shocked). Greenbelt is the ultimate broad church, while still remaining true to the faith.  

If you’re anywhere near the UK, it is not too late to book your tickets to Greenbelt. Visit and come!


The Beer Christianity crew in total will be there! Come say hi!

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