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Sep 18, 2022

Beer Christianity the QueenTW: Monarchists and marmalade sandwich enthusiasts are probably not going to enjoy this episode.

Queen Elizabeth II has died and Beer Christianity has great sympathy for her family, some sympathy for strangers who loved her and very little sympathy for those cynically emulating or prescriptively enforcing mourning.

Join us as we try to understand what's behind the love and criticism for both the former monarch and the institution of monarchy in the 21st century from a Christian leftist perspective.

Honestly, most of us didn't have strong feelings on monarchy until this week. But the pressure to accept strange narratives pushed several of us into more passionately monarchist territory. Well done, media. 

We laugh a lot at the cynical performative mourning we've seen from celebs and corporations in this episode, but we try to stay respectful of individuals who have feelings that are different from our own. 

We have no illusions that this will prevent us from getting angry letters. 

(If you're confused about the marmalade thing, that's probably for the best. It's quite mad.)

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