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May 31, 2020

George Floyd was killed by a Minnesota policeman and his violent and unprovoked death has sparked protests and riots because it is far from an isolated incident. How should Christians respond and what can we do? Should we be concerned about violent protests? What can white people do to fight racism?

Pearl Mashabane is a...

May 31, 2020

Simon Cross describes himself as a heretic. In more serious moments he describes his position as post-liberal. We'd call him post-evangelical, post-monolithic Christianity and post-certain. In this episode he talks to Drabs, Lau-Lau and Jonty about the blessing of plurality. It's an exciting, challenging,...

May 16, 2020

Brian McLaren is one of the most influential Christian thinkers of a generation. He expresses a Christian faith that is perfectly in tune with contemporary progressivism. 

Brian McLaren interview Beer Christianity

Jonty spoke to him at Greenbelt Festival in 2014 and discussed the interview in 2020 with Drabs and new guy Alex (don't worry, Laura will be back,...

May 7, 2020

Can you be a Christian and believe in science?

Mario Russo Beer Christianity science faith

Can you be a rational, science-friendly person and believe in God? Are there any real scientists who take religion seriously? Is Richard Dawkins a competent theologian? Drabs and Jonty talk to a Southern Baptist to find out. Naturally.

Six Day Creationism, science,...

May 2, 2020

Dating disasters, myths about singleness and unfair expectations on single Christian women. As well as our WORST DATES EVER.

Beer Christianity talks singleness, particularly Christian single women, with A Tale of Two Singles podcast presenters Geraldine and Sarah. You can check out their podcast at