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Faith, hops and love. 

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Sep 25, 2019

Greta Thunberg said How dare you at the UN. We loved it. Our friend Picket told us more about being in a Zimbabwean anti-poaching unit and why he believes God calls us to conservation. We nearly came to blows about fracking. Luckily, we'd had a few. Jonty, Laura and Ben explore Christian environmentalism in part two of...

Sep 20, 2019

Anti-poaching unit leader Picket Chabwedzeka defends rhinos from heavily armed and well funded international poachers in Zimbabwe. As the amazon burns and capitalism drives us towards a climate change catastrophe, Jonty, Ben and Laura discuss vegetarianism, big game hunting and beer. Jonty also looks at the seminary...

Sep 8, 2019

After the horrific attacks on Muslims in Christchurch, New Zealand, an image of a Christian in England standing guard outside his local mosque went viral. Andrew Graystone was the good witness. Speaking in a press tent at Greenbelt festival, he talks to Beer Christianity about power and whether the Church needs...

Sep 8, 2019

The pub: Broadways, Didcot. The presenters: a 22-year-old feminist environmentalist and a 42-year-old Christian socialist. The beer: American and surprisingly hard to pronounce. Also: gin.

Beer Christianity episode 2: Ginesis features a long and funny interview with Harry and Chris, whose entire back catalogue...

Sep 8, 2019

Introducing Beer Christianity - the podcast of faith, hops and love. The opening episode features an exclusive interview with Noam Chomsky from a few years ago that is still depressingly relevant, as well as some lone beer-sipping and musing from host and former Baptist Times 'news communist', Jonty Langley.

With the...