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Dec 24, 2022

Beer Christianity Christmas podcast 2022

These days, you get arrested and thrown in jail just for saying Merry Christmas. Or, at least, that's what Christian snowflakes, certain media vicars and most of the right wing media would have us believe. 

Apparently, atheists, humanists, Muslims and the 'Woke Liberal Elite' are policing our words, forcing us to say 'Happy Holidays' and thus deny Christ. This and other bullshit comes up in our Christmas 2022 episode, in which we discuss whether a helpful sensitivity to non-Christians during the season may have drifted into paranoia and persecution mania. We hear from an actual atheist humanist on the topic and also discuss whether progressivism can be a bit joyless and what our favourite Christmas films and songs are. Spoiler: none of us said Die Hard, because we are cool. 

Our Christmas movie picks: 


Film: Silent Night 

Why? "Because I thought it was just going to be a slightly bitchy Love Actually, but it is profound, shocking and existentially horrifying. I wept. Also it's pretty funny and very well written."



Film: Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas 

Why? "Because every family has that one niche film that they always watch at Christmas, and this was ours. And I like it. And it has one of the best Disney songs. And I like it." 



Film: Home Alone

Why? "Because of the childhood feels. When I was a kid, it felt awesome. I thought Kevin was an awesome dude. And it's got a solid amount of slapstick, so my kids will watch it now and enjoy it."



Our Christmas song picks:







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