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Dec 31, 2020

HellIs Hell just? Does it exist? Do Christians get judged after death? It's been a hard year so we're keeping it light.

We're also answering questions like: do fundamentalist churches have anything to offer in brimstone preaching, and can we really take comfort in the idea of ceasing to exist rather than eternal conscious torment? What would Tom Wright six years ago say about it? And what kind of voicenotes would Laura and Jonty exchange on it? What does Jonty's microwave really sound like?

This is the Hell-ish episode. It's a little longer than usual, but not as long as ECT. 

Malky talks about his Calvinist background, Jonty talks about hating the idea of Hell and the problem that poses regarding people he loves and Laura discovers annihilationism and is well pleased.

We also break out an old interview Jonty did with NT Wright on God’s judgement and the coming resurrection.

It REALLY gets going around 58 minutes.

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We don't really want to preach at you, but some people like to know what we believe. It's this: Jesus Christ is the Son of God and came to teach us a better way to be while reconciling us to God and each other in a way we could never do without Him. He also changed water into wine. Nice.