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Aug 21, 2020

What do WAP, Stone Cold Bummer from 30 Rock and the Democratic ticket have in common? This. Frickin. Podcast.

Death, WAP, Socialism and Biden

Drabs, Laura and Jonty talk Biden-Harris 2020, ideology and the next generation, fear of death and hope in an afterlife. We also ask what a Christian politics would look like and how to save Labour and the Democrats from the right wingers within (with no answers whatsoever). More importantly, we explore the theologically significant area of Cardi B's WAP

Get ready for WAP (worship and prayer) CAC (Conservative-ass candidates), MEH (mental/emotional health) and SAD (scary-ass death).

We also deliver some sad-ass news. What is it? Well, here's the last moment the group once called "a beautiful expression of Trinitarian love" recorded together...

Drabs' last stand

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Jesus Christ is the Son of God and came to teach us a better way to be while reconciling us to God and each other in a way we could never do without Him. He also changed water into wine. Nice.