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Aug 2, 2023

Should trans women compete as women at an elite level of sport?

Cleo Madeleine, trans educator and activist

The Right's Culture War (TM) has used this question as a wedge issue in its ongoing targeting of trans people as pawns in a larger game. But who is more often hurt as a result of the targeted rhetoric (and the unthinking regurgitation by ordinary Joe Schmoes)? How new is the phenomenon of gender-nonconforming people taking centre court, and what should Christians of good faith think about this issue?

Cleo Madeleine is a campaigner, historiographer, academic, educator, trans woman, Christian and spokesperson for Gendered Intelligence - the UK's largest trans-led charity. She joins Malky, Jonty and Laura to talk sport, trans identity, hateful media narratives and why she loves her very high Anglican (almost Catholic) church.

Listen for an opportunity to hear about trans issues from a trans person, and because Cleo is awesome.

Listen also to hear Jonty, Laura AND Malky screw up dramatically with this interview.

Spoiler: We are all cancelled now.