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Jun 24, 2021

Beer Christianity Harry and ChrisHoly crap! 50 episodes! Whodathunk?! In celebration, we got back with our first proper guests on the show, the amazing Harry and Chris!

Harry and Chris talk about their favourite episodes of Beer Christianity*, as well as sharing some incidents of animal cruelty, nudity and beer-based Narnia puns.

This bumper episode also features a retrospective of all 49 preceding ones and a discussion of what the point of the Christian life really is.

Full disclosure, we started recording after midnight on a Friday night and some of us had already had a few!

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Beer Christianity is a left-leaning, evangelical-adjacent Christian discussion podcast that often features interviews and always features a few drinks and laughs. Our aim is to be real, to be helpful and to be entertaining.

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We don't really want to preach at you, but some people like to know what we believe. It's this: Jesus Christ is the Son of God and came to teach us a better way to be while reconciling us to God and each other in a way we could never do without Him. He also changed water into wine. Nice. 


*They are not avid listeners. Yet.